Phoenix Bee Removal

Guaranteed Professional Service at a Fair Price

Phoenix Bee Removal is here to help

We are bee removal specialist and we provide local bee removal and control services at a fair price in and around the Phoenix Metro area. A professional bee service is essential to having a bee colony removed or treated properly and it doesn't need to cost a fortune to have it done safely and effectively but most importantly done correctly.

We have been servicing Phoenix, Arizona for more than a 25 years and plan to offer our flat rate bee service for many more years to come. We like to keep our pricing simple and most of all affordable. Phoenix Bee Removal LLC. is locally owned and operated and that means quality service on every call. We don't work on commission and we have no reason to upsell anything. Our flat rate bee removal service will cover a majority of the bee problems encountered in the Arizona. 

Our flat rate bee control will take care of:

  • Africanized Bee Colony
  • Honey Bee Colony
  • Bee Swarm
  • Established Bee Colony
  • New Arrival or Scout Bees
  • Wasp Nest or Nests
  • Carpenter or Leaf-cutter Bees
  • Plus More.....

More About Our Bee Removal Service

Flat rate bee removal DOES NOT include honeycomb removal. However, our honeycomb removal and repair prices are lower than most of our competitor's bee extermination prices and less than half of their honeycomb cutout prices.

$80 Bee Removal

$120 Flat Rate Bee Removal

The flat rate covers us coming out and getting rid of any single bee colony on your property to prevent further damage and also prevent the bees from growing in numbers and potentially having an unintentional bee attack.

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Africanized Bee Control

Africanized Bee Removal

Africanized Bee Removal has more than tripled in the last decade in the Phoenix Metro Area.

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Honeycomb Removal

Honeycomb Removal

We offer all stages of honeycomb extraction from demo of the infested area to all the honeycomb clean out and pheromone masking and the repair and sealing.

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Swarm Info

Swarm Information

A bee swarm in a tree or bush will normally leave within 72 hours, sometimes in as little as a couple of hours.

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